Gentle Currents

Gentle Currents

Gentle Currents is a “go at your own pace”, very low intensity class designed to improve or maintain range of motion, flexibility, strength and functional endurance. These 45 minute classes are free to Healthplex members and are offered Monday-Friday at a variety of times in our therapy pool, which stays at a refreshing temperature of 88 - 89ºF at a depth of 4' - 4' 8".  

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Benefits of heated, salt-water pools

Both our indoor lap and therapy swimming pools are heated and salt water.  Heated salt water pools are very therapeutic in that the warm water and salt are beneficial to individual’s muscles and joints.  Salt water pools are gentler on the skin, hair, and eyes than a chemically produced chlorine pool.

For questions, contact Program Director, Brandi Derrick at 601.925.7915