Policies and Procedures

Article One

All members are subject to the payment of an enrollment fee and monthly dues and to acceptance by the Baptist Healthplex.  It shall be the policy of the Healthplex to accept applications for memberships from any individual without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.  The BHP reserves the right to deny membership to any persons at BHP's sole discretion.
Individual Member:  An adult (age sixteen or older) member who pays the Individual enrollment fee and full prevailing monthly dues (as determined by the membership level at which he/she joins) shall be classified as an Individual Primary Member and have full use of the facilities.  *Senior Individual (age 60 or older) It is the Member’s responsibility to notify the business office if/when Senior rates apply.
Associate and Additional Family Members: A legal spouse or child (ages 0-26) of a current Individual Member who pays the Associate or Additional Family Member enrollment fee and full prevailing monthly dues will be classified as an Associate or Additional Family Member and will have use of the facilities.
Student Member: Currently enrolled area college students or area high school students, who pay the full prevailing semester rates as applies to their educational Institution, shall be classified as a Student Member.  If student is 16-17 years of age, they must have a parent or legal guardian (18 years of age or older) to come into the facility with the child to sign off on the Student membership application.  A student 15 years of age or younger must be added as an additional family member on a primary members account else wise will be unable to receive membership.

Article Two
Records and Procedures

 Membership Agreement: The Membership Agreement must be completed by the member upon joining.  By signing this agreement, the Member thereby accepts all terms set in and agrees to abide by all the rules and policies of the Baptist Healthplex.
Enrollment Fee: The enrollment fee must be paid in full upon joining.  First month’s dues should also be paid upon enrolling either for entire amount or a pro-rated amount.  Payment may be made in cash, check, or credit card.

 Membership Payment Options:
• Monthly - Membership payment will be established via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from an account designated by you.
• Quarterly -  Membership may be paid in full three months in advance.
• Annually - Membership payments paid in full for one year in advance will result in receiving a 13th month free.
The obligation to pay dues is not dependent upon the availability of all the Healthplex designated facilities.  Tournaments, repairs, maintenance of some facilities, and/or other occurrences may make it necessary for the Healthplex to restrict use of one or more of the facilities or to temporarily close the Healthplex.  Dues will not be reduced or suspended during these occurrences.
Account Delinquency: Members may have their on-account charge and membership privileges revoked during periods in which their accounts are delinquent.  The membership of a member who is in arrears in the payment of his/her account for a period in excess of 30 days will be sent a notification letter within 10 days of non-payment.  After 30 days any account with an outstanding balance will be sent to a collection agency.
Address Changes: Members are responsible for providing written notice concerning changes of address to the business office or by updating it online if applicable.

Medical History Changes: Members are responsible for informing the front desk staff if he/she has any changes in their medical history.  This is done by completing a new PAR-Q & YOU form available at the front desk.
Additional Family Member Charges: Individual members may add an Additional Family Member at any time by paying the prevailing enrollment fee and monthly dues for the added member.  It is the member’s responsibility to notify the business office when a child reaches his/her 27th birthday and needs to be moved to a separate account.

Dues Adjustment: Membership dues are subject to adjustment.  The Healthplex will give Members thirty (30) days written notice prior to any increase in dues.  After receipt of such notice, the Member may terminate the membership prior to the first day of the next month.  Failure to provide written notice within this time period will indicate an acceptance of the new fee structure.  No reply indicates acceptance of terms.  Dues adjustments made to accounts currently under a 12 month commitment will go into effect after the set commitment expiration date.

Resignation of Membership/ Membership Cancellation:  A member may resign from the Healthplex by signing a cancellation form or by written notice.  This must be completed and returned by the 20th day of the month prior to the month for which the account is to be closed.  (Example: To cancel membership for September, notice must be received in the Healthplex office by August 20).  The member account must be up-to-date with any unpaid dues and/or early termination fees paid. Closed accounts with outstanding balances will be sent to a collection agency if payment is not made within 90 days.  Cancellations may not be faxed or completed over the phone.  No exceptions.

In the event that membership fees are being paid on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis and the member discontinues membership prior to the end of the term for which fees have been paid, a refund of the unused remaining fees may be made to the member (or legal heirs or representatives) only in the case of death of a member, serious medical illness that precludes further membership activities, or relocation in excess of a 30 mile radius of the facility. Documentation of any of the above reasons may be requested prior to approval.  Member must fill out a cancellation form by the 20th of the month.

Membership Freezes: Memberships may be “frozen” and monthly dues reduced to a minimum handling charge during periods of forced inactivity for up to three months, provided all the following conditions are met:
• In the event a primary member is the member placed on freeze then the associate or secondary members’ monthly membership dues will be automatically changed to reflect the primary members’ current monthly rate while primary member is on freeze. (i.e. Primary member pays $59.75 currently and associate member pays $29.00 currently.  While on freeze, Primary member pays $10.00 and associate member changed to primary rate of $59.75 until freeze is removed.)
• The membership account is paid up-to-date.
• The member is neither living NOR working in the Greater Jackson Metro area during the period, or is incapacitated by serious illness or injury to the extent it is impossible to make use of the Baptist Healthplex.  You may be requested to provide documentation for a freeze to be granted.

 • Freeze Request Form must be completed and signed by member for freeze to be valid.  The written request must be received in the Business office by the 20th day of the month prior to the month the freeze is being requested (i.e. Freeze is to be placed on account effective June 1st, then freeze request form must be received in the business office on or before May 20th.)  While on freeze, members are not allowed to use the Healthplex facility at any time until the proper freeze request form is submitted to the business office requesting the freeze be removed from the account.
Membership Suspension/Termination: The membership of any Member may be cancelled by the management or suspended for any period of time in the event of violations of any of the rules and policies of the Healthplex or any conduct which in the opinion of the management of the Healthplex is prejudicial to the welfare, good order, and character of the Healthplex.  Termination of a member by the Healthplex does not relieve the member of dues or other charges previous to the date of termination.

Article Three
General Policies

Entrance to the Facility: All Members and Guests must enter through the main entrance.  All other entrances on the 1st and 2nd floors are off limits and are only used as emergency exits.  Individuals that have not adhered to the entrance policy will be considered trespassing and be asked to leave the facility.
Membership Card: All Members must present their membership card each time for admittance to the Healthplex.  Healthplex representatives reserve the right to ask for additional or alternate identification if members fail to present membership card upon entry and may deny entry at anytime if request is not satisfied.
Member Adherence Program:  All members are recommended to participate in our facility’s fitness assessment, exercise program prescription, and exercise program orientation to ensure safety and proper usage of the fitness equipment.
Outside Labor: Members and guests are not allowed payment for services rendered by personal trainers who are not employed by the Baptist Healthplex at Mississippi College.
Guests/Guest Fees:  Guests may use the facility by registering at the Front Desk and paying the appropriate guest fee.  Guests will be required to provide photo ID and sign a Guest Release waiver of liability each time they visit the facility.  The guest must abide by all the rules and policies of the Healthplex.  If unregistered guests are found using the facility, they may be expelled from the facility and can be charged with trespassing.  Members who bring in guests without appropriate registration and payment may be subject to suspension or termination of their membership.  Two complimentary guest passes are available to Primary/Associate members upon request on an annual basis through a facility director’s approval.

Proper Attire: All members and guests are required to wear appropriate attire when using the facility.  A t-shirt or tank top must be worn over sports bras at all times.  Shoes and shirts are required at all times in all areas outside the locker rooms and pool areas.  Appropriate swimwear is required when using the lap pool, therapy pool, whirlpools, cold plunges, steam rooms, and saunas.  Members and guests who wear any attire that is deemed by management to be inappropriate or offensive in any way will be asked to promptly change or leave the facility.
Conduct: Appropriate conduct with respect to language, sportsmanship, and general behavior is expected at all times.  Inappropriate conduct of any type will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or termination of membership.
Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages:  Use of any type of tobacco, alcoholic beverage, or vaping product is not permitted in any area of the Healthplex.
Lockers: Daily use lockers are available for members who choose not to rent a locker.  Members should use their own locks on a daily locker.  Daily use lockers may not be locked overnight.  Management reserves the right to cut off locks left on daily use lockers overnight and contents impounded.  Rental lockers are available and you may contact the membership office for more information.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT ALL PERSONAL ITEMS BE SECURED AT ALL TIMES.  The Baptist Healthplex will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles, to include articles lost in the processing of laundry.
Reservations:  Reservations may be required for some programs and activities.  Reservations must be made by the member in his/her name only; one reservation per activity at any point in time.  A member who fails to appear at the start of the reserved time forfeits the reservation.
Towels: Large and small fitness towels are available to all members and guests and can be picked up at the front desk. Small fitness towels are also available on the 2nd and 3rd floor workout areas while large towels are also available at the aquatic area.  Please limit two towels per member and return to the proper dirty towel bins upon exiting the facility.
Lost & Found: Found items shall be placed at the Front Desk.  These items shall be donated to charity on the 15th and the last day of each month if not claimed.  Please check with the front desk prior to these dates for any missing items.  The Baptist Healthplex will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.
Hours of Operation, Fees, and Classes: Established hours of operation, fee schedules, classes, leagues, lesson offerings or content are subject to change at any time by the Healthplex Management.
Amendments: The rules and policies contained herein are not inclusive.  Other rules or policy changes may be displayed online or within the facilities of the Baptist Healthplex, and shall be binding on the members as if set out herein in full.
Emergency Policy: The Baptist Healthplex at MS College is a 911 facility.  If any injuries occur, 911 is notified and CPR/1st Aid is administered by staff until emergency medical services arrive.

On all questions, as to the development, interpretation, or application, of these Bylaws, the decision of management will be final.

Article Four
Swimming Pool & Wet Area Rules

  • Lifeguards are only available during designated family times.  At other times, please use the pools at your own risk. 
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the lap pool, therapy pool, whirlpool, cold plunge, sauna, and steam room.  (Lycra, Polyester & Nylon are the only acceptable fabrics.)
  • Please shower before entering the lap pool, therapy pool, whirlpool, cold plunge, sauna and steam room. 
  • Food & drink are not allowed in the pool or on the pool deck or other wet areas. 
  • No entering the pool immediately after eating.
  • Please avoid using any electrical equipment around the pools.
  • Please use caution when walking; pool deck may be slippery. 
  • Please use handrails when entering and exiting pools. 
  • No running, jumping, diving or horseplay in the pool or on the pool deck.
  • No hanging on lane-lines in lap pool or safety rope in the therapy pool. 
  • No walking on pool deck with flippers on.
  • Kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and water fitness equipment are for instructional use and swimmers only.
  • Aquatic classes and swim lessons are held in both lap and therapy pools.  Please refer to our aquatic schedule for class days and times. 
  • Spitting, spouting or nose-blowing are not allowed in the pool.
  • Persons with communicable diseases are not allowed in the pool. These include any open wounds or sores that might expose bodily fluid to the water. 
  • The pool(s) will close 12-24 hours for removal and disinfection whenever fecal matter, blood, or vomit is observed.
  • All pools, wet areas, showers, and sinks will remain open and available to member use during all inclement weather conditions except when sirens are sounding. 
  • All other rules enforced by pool staff must be obeyed!

Dry Sauna Policies

  • The dry sauna temperature is kept at a temperature range of 160-180 ⁰F.
  • Seek medical advice prior to using the dry sauna.
  • If you are pregnant, have heart disease, have kidney disease, are on certain medications for cardiovascular disease, and/or have other medical issues that could be adversely affected by high heat, do not use.
  • Exposure to high temperatures for an extended period of time can result in heat exhaustion, heatstroke, heart attack, and, on occasion, death.
  • Limit use to no more than 10 minutes at one time.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes after completing exercise before entering.
  • Please shower before entering.
  • Swim suits or a towel must be worn; no nudity.
  • No food, no drink (except water in a non-glass container), no tobacco, no shaving, and no electronic device are allowed inside the dry sauna.
  • Water nor oils or fragrances should be poured on the heating rocks or any other part of the electrical unit.  In addition, wet towels should never be placed on the rocks or the electrical unit.  This may cause physical injury and can destroy the unit.
  • No outside fragrances should be sprayed inside the dry sauna.
  • Children 12 years of age and younger are not allowed usage of the dry sauna.
  • Children 13-15 years of age may only use the dry sauna with direct supervision (side-by-side) of a parent/legal guardian.

Steam Room Policies

  • The steam room temperature is kept at a temperature range of 100-110 ⁰F.
  • Seek medical advice prior to using the steam room.
  • If you are pregnant, have heart disease, have kidney disease, are on certain medications for cardiovascular disease, and/or have other medical issues that could be adversely affected by high heat, do not use.
  • Exposure to high temperatures for an extended period of time can result in heat exhaustion, heatstroke, heart attack, and, on occasion, death.
  • Limit use to no more than 10 minutes at one time.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes after completing exercise before entering.
  • Please shower before entering.
  • Swim suits or a towel must be worn; no nudity.
  • No food, no drink (except water in a non-glass container), no tobacco, no shaving, and no electronic device are allowed inside the steam room.
  • Do not tamper with or alter the steam room thermostat sensor in any way.  This may cause physical injury and can destroy the unit.  Low volume, approved fragrances are automatically dispensed by a peristaltic pump.  Therefore, no outside fragrances are allowed.
  • Children 12 years of age and younger are not allowed usage of the steam room.
  • Children 13-15 years of age may only use the steam room with direct supervision (side-by-side) of a parent/legal guardian.

Teens ages 13 - 15

  • Teens ages 13-15 are welcome to swim and use the whirlpool, cold plunge, sauna and steam room at any time but must have adult supervision (age 18 & older).
  • Teens ages 13-15 may become certified to swim without adult supervision (age 18 & older) through the Teen Fitness Program.  The adult supervisor, who assumes full responsibility of the teen, must be present at all times within the Healthplex.

Children ages 12 & under

  • Children 12 years and under are not allowed in the lap pool, whirlpools, cold plunges, steam rooms or saunas at any time.
  • Children 12 years and under are welcome to swim in the therapy pool but only during designated family time hours with direct adult supervision (18 & older).
  • Swim belts are recommended for children 12 and under who do not swim proficiently.
  • Children who are not toilet-trained and are less than four years old may swim but must wear a swimsuit diaper. Cloth or disposable diapers are not accepted.  Plastic pants are recommended over swim diaper.  30 minute bathroom breaks are enforced to avoid accidents. 
  • Parents must sign in children ages 4 and under with lifeguard on duty before entering pool.

Article Five
Fitness Floor Policies & Procedures

1.  Fitness Floor (2nd and 3rd Floor)

  • If you need assistance, please ask a Fitness Specialist to help you.
  • It is recommended to consult a Fitness Specialist if you are starting a new exercise program.
  • Please warm up prior to using the equipment and cool down afterwards.
  • Please report any injuries or changes to your health history to a Fitness Specialist.
  • Please wipe off equipment when you are finished.
  • Area is restricted to children at 12 and under.
  • Children age 13 to15 may have access to this area if he/she completes Teen Assessment Program. (See children's Policies and Procedures)

2.  Walking Track Policies & Procedures

     Please adhere to the following rules and regulations. The indoor track becomes very busy at times and, in the best interest of your safety and others, it is imperative that all rules are followed. In addition to these posted rules, please exercise common courtesy.

  • WALK on the inside lane, WALK/RUN on the middle lane, and RUN on the outside lane. Always look before passing or crossing a lane (the person in that lane has the right of way). SPRINTING on the track is prohibited due to safety reasons.
  • Walk only in the direction of the arrow posted on the track.
  • Caution must be used when entering and exiting the track.
  • Walk no more than two abreast (side-by-side). Three abreast is unsafe, not conducive to traffic flow and not allowed.
  • Children ages 6-12 can use the track but must be under the direct supervision (side-by-side) of an adult 18 years or older.
  • Infants and children up to 5 years of age are not allowed on the walking track unless properly secured in a stroller.
  • Proper clean footwear with rubber soles is required on the track surface.
  • Food and drink are forbidden on the track.
  • Spectators are strictly forbidden on the track. For safety reasons, please do not stop while on the track. If you need to rest, please do so in one of the corner areas.

3. Aerobic Studio(s) & Classes Policies & Procedures

  •  All classes must have 3 participants to begin.
  • Children must be 13 years of age or older and have Direct Parental Supervision to participate.
  • Instructors must be informed of any physical limitations you may have prior to participating in any class.
  • Appropriate clothing and tennis shoes are required.
  • Avoid heavy perfume application.
  • Silence all cell phones
  • Allow previous class to exit before entering for next class.
  • Classes are subject to be changed based on participation.  Classes must maintain a minimum of 6 participants consistently.

4. Basketball Court Policies & Procedures

  • No full-court play allowed Monday through Friday after 6:00pm and no full-court play allowed all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • No dunking, grabbing, or hanging on the rim allowed.
  • No profanity or excessive loudness allowed.
  • Basketball courts may be closed without prior notice.
  • Must wear shirts and shoes.  No saggy pants allowed.
  • No "team practice" sessions allowed unless approved by management.

  Inot adhered to, members will be asked to leave the facility with possible termination of membership.

5.  Functional Training Area Policies & Procedures

  • Please do not drop deadlifts.  Both hands must remain on bar throughout lift.
  • Headphones must be worn if listening to music.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Please return equipment to its original location after use.

​6.  Racquetball Court Policies and Procedures

  • Eye guards are recommended at all times.
  • Athletic shoes only on the courts.
  • No soccer balls allowed in racquetball courts.
  • Racquetball courts are for racquetball use only unless approved by management.
  • Reservations may be made at front desk.

Article Six
Child Watch Center Policies & Procedures

The Child Watch Center at Baptist Healthplex at Mississippi College is a service provided to its members.  The child must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian who is also a member.  The child must be 6 weeks (with vaccinations) up to 12 years of age.  All children must have a membership in order to use childwatch.  Otherwise, a guest fee must be paid.

  • Children are allotted 2 hours per visit within the Child Watch Center operating hours.
  • Upon arrival, all children must be signed in at the time of arrival in the sign-in book provided in the Child Watch Center.
  • The member who signs in their child must also be the person who signs the child out.
  • Only an adult, age 18 and up, will be allowed to sign children in and out.
  • Parents, grandparents, and guardians are required to remain in the Healthplex while their child is being cared for in the Child Watch Center.  No adults other than the Child Watch Staff are allowed beyond the sign-in desk to the play area.
  • The Child Watch Center does not provide diapers, wipes, or food of any sort to children.  Children should be fed and changed before they arrive at the Child Watch Center.  Small children must have a bag with diapers and wipes labeled with their name.  If a child needs assistance in the restroom or needs to be changed, authorization is required by the parent, grandparent, or guardian prior to caring for child.
  • Children who do not feel well should be kept at home regardless if symptoms of illness are not yet present.  Children who are too sick to go to school should not be brought to the Healthplex.  Children should be free of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to the Child Watch Center.  If we see that  a child is ill, we will contact their parent, grandparent, or guardian to pick them up.  This decision is left to the discretion of any Child Watch Center Employee.  Child Watch Center Staff will not administer any form of medication to children.
  • The Child Watch Center has a Zero Tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior.  Children are not to bite, hit, or behave in any way deemed inappropriate by the Child Watch Center Staff.  Parents will be called to pick up their child for any misbehavior.
  • The Child Watch Center has a 10 minute "Cry Rule".  If a child cannot be consoled, their parent, grandparent, or guardian will be called.
  • Children are to be dropped off and picked up only within operational hours of the Child Watch Center and may not exceed the 2 hour limit.  If a child has not been picked up by the 2 hour time limit or closing, their parent's, grandparent's, or guardian's account will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes over the time limit or regular operating hours.  No exceptions.